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Welcome to Chicagoland Geothermal

For Geothermal HVAC in Chicago, Illinois and its surrounding suburbs, Chicagoland Geothermal specializes in designing the Right Geothermal HVAC System for the Right Price.

We have over 20 years of experience with "Green Building" and an expertize in the most cost-effective energy saving options available, offering you considerable geothermal cost saving options to ensure that your geothermal system's not wasting money because it's oversized.

So call Chicagoland Geothermal at 630-400-9012 or click here to Email us to learn more about money-saving and green Geothermal heating and cooling systems.

See the animation below for a simple explanation of how a Geothermal HVAC system can heat and cool your home using the natural energy of the earth.

How it all works:

  1. A Chicagoland Geothermal heat exchange system consists of indoor heat pump equipment, a ground loop, and a flow center to connect the indoor/outdoor equipment.
  2. The ground loop geothermal system uses the constant temperature of the ground of water, several feet underground.
  3. The pump circulates temperature-sensitive fluid through the ground loop, which stays 50 to 60 degrees year-round. In winter, warm fluid carries heat into the house. In summer, cool fluid draws heat out of the house.
Chicagoland Geothermal Basement Animation

What Chicagoland Geothermal can do for you:

  1. Conduct a home energy audit to determine the size of the system. The process can also result in energy-efficiency gains.
  2. Determine the land area available for underground pipes. If the area is ample, a backhoe can be used for horizontal loops in shallow trenches. If the area is limited, a drilling rig is used for deeper, vertical loops.

And the main reason that Chicagoland Geothermal can do all this for you, is that we can drill where other companies cannot possibly go. And that is because of one very important secret weapon:
The Rig in a Box!
The world's first and only; competely compact, portable and easily detachable, Geothermal Drill Rig.

Click HERE to find out all about it.


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